Shall We Away?

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And then there are the days when it’s time to wander. Pack your bags. Call an Uber. Head to LAX. Sit and have breakfast with your Partner in Crime. Hop on a plane. Drink Screwdrivers and watch more than one guilty pleasure movie. Then hop on the Wifi to get some work done before you land in JFK. Then across the sea to Portugal. Which is where I’m headed right now. To explore Villamoura a little bit, to eat and roam and rest. Whilst still of course, working. Because a girl must work even on the down days.

Freelance life is tricky. The good thing is, your work goes with you everywhere. The bad thing is, your work goes with you everywhere. I don’t travel light any more. I love my studio case, but I don’t love feeling like a pack mule when I travel, I mitigate this as best I can by checking all my bags except my favorite travel purse. Stick on a hat. Feel marginally more fabulous.

So to an apartment in Portugal, to spend time with my Partner in Crime and the woman I want to be when I grow up. And to explore. I can’t wait to see what I find. I hear it might involve pastry and I cannot wait.


A Brief Description of Zoe


Please excuse me while I pause for Puppies. Mostly because, well, I have three, they are a big part of all the things, and I cannot stop taking pictures of them. Also because, well. Puppies.

I’d start at the very beginning, but I’d rather start in the middle. My middle girl was actually my first dog. Our Old Lady didn’t start as mine, she started off with just my Partner in Crime, but we got Zoe Kayleigh together. She’s four, sweet as pie, a little serious at times, but a genuinely lovely happy girl. She’s also a contortionist, the best hiker I’ve ever seen, and gives the best morning snuggles.



We adopted her from a picture of her because the second I saw it, I knew she was already ours. When we got her, we were trying to decide between naming her Zoe and naming her Kayleigh, both strong awesome characters from Firefly. So, Zoe Kayleigh it became. I like middle names. I can yell them when the girls are in trouble. She’s a Beagle German Shepherd mix and luckily has the best traits of both breeds. Don’t you just want to snuggle that face? I do. So I’m going to go do that right now.