Anatomy of a Sunset


I’ve got a lot to say about Cambria and Paso Robles. I would have said it all sooner, but there was an incident with egg whites and a mouse tracker pad and, well, last week my laptop was not interested in playing ball.

So to start somewhat at the beginning but also at the end. This was a quick trip, just two nights. We stayed at the Fireside Inn on Moonstone Beach in Cambria. It’s a charming little place just across the street from the ocean. Every room comes with a wee patio so you can sit outside and catch a glimpse of the sea. It had all the necessities… heated pool and hot tub, breakfast, a view. We didn’t spend a whole lot of time in the hotel itself but it was a happy spot.

Screen Shot 2018-06-19 at 7.48.19 AM

The last evening that we were there, though, there was a strong pull and determination to head on over to the ocean and watch the sunset. I wanted very badly to play with the light and it was just peaceful. We spent an hour walking up and down the shore, listening to the waves, feeling both the fullness and the emptiness of the sea and sky. It was fun and peaceful and filling.



I forget sometimes to stop and watch the Sunset. Life is intermittently busy and not. I find myself sometimes with time on my hands that I struggle to fill with meaning. And I forget that there are sunsets and I should stop, breathe, watch them. This is why sometimes I take pictures. Because when I look back I can see that I had something gorgeous in the palm of my hand and if I concentrate, I can see it, smell it, feel it all over again. Sunset can be an anchor, not one that weighs you down, but one that steadies and stabilizes. I should probably stop and feel one more often.

I Found My Heart in Lisbon

I had a feeling I would probably like Lisbon, but I wasn’t expecting to love it so much. It’s so easy to fall for the architecture, the culture, the food and the people.

We only spent two days in Lisbon, so I feel like we saw barely anything but I still soaked in as much as I could. We spent one day just roaming around the city.

One of the things I most adored was the pavement. Lisbon is all about the tiles. There are mosaic patterns all over the streets, and sometimes they are pretty patterns and other times they are very cool optical illusions.


Next were the stores and all their little quirks. There were off course Pastelarias (Pastry Shops) everywhere, but there was also seafood, tubs of flowers on the streets, and some very epic Port stores. Port comes from the North of Portugal, in Porto, and we happened upon a store that was selling bottles that were 100 years old. It was very cool, but funnily enough I didn’t have over a thousand euros to drop on a bottle.

The second day, we went ahead and rode the famed Tram 28 up to the Castelo de Sao Jorge. The Castle upon the hill offered a really great view of the city. It’s a very old Castle with a massive amount of history. The courtyard is also filled with peacocks that love showing off. It’s definitely worth a wander around. I was a little obsessed with the red door.

I have a long long list of the places I have yet to visit in and around Lisbon. Belem and Sintra to name just a few.

Basically, Portugal is calling. You should go.

A Few of My Favorite Things

Check out this awesome Dry Shampoo from Not Your Mothers. I usually throw it in my suitcase when traveling to give my hair a quick refresh after a day of roaming around.