In Love with The Algarve – Blue


I think the theme of Portugal, is Blue. So. Much. Blue. We spent a week in Portugal and it was an amazing time. This is the first of a series of posts chatting about things that blew my mind about Portugal. We spent most of the time in The Algarve, and a couple of days in Lisbon. We flew into Lisbon, stayed the night, took the train down to Vilamoura, then after 6 days we headed back to Lisbon to explore for the day, then stayed the night in the incredibly swanky Corinthia Hotel (where the President of Malta also happened to be staying whilst we were there) before flying home the next day.

This gave us a lot of time to knock around Vilamoura, eat great food, drink wine in the Marina and relax. Everywhere you look is blue and flowers and sunshine. The Algarve gets 300 days of sun a year and you can drink it all in. It’s beautiful.


Portuguese food is diverse and delicious and I’m now obsessed with a couple of different things. Predominantly Couvert and Pastel De Nata. And then there is the wine. It’s so different and there is a uniqueness to it. Vinho Verde is a completely new style of wine for me. I’d never tried it before, but I loved it.


We are already talking about going back the year after next. There is so much more of this awesome country to explore.